Old People: Still Having Sex

2017-03-23Old People: Still Having Sex

A new study from Manchester University shows that many elderly people stay sexually active into their 70s and even 80s, in case that was a thing you wanted to know. About 7,000 men and women in their 70s and 80s responded to the questionnaire, and th[Details]

How is Diabetes Treated?

2017-03-23How is Diabetes Treated?

The goal of diabetes treatment is to keep your blood sugar level as close to normal as possible--not too high (called hyperglycemia) or too low (called hypoglycemia). The first step is to have a healthy diet and to exercise. This may mean you'll need[Details]

How Do I Check My Blood Sugar Level?

2017-03-23How Do I Check My Blood Sugar

Follow your doctor's advice and the instructions that come with the glucose meter. In general, you will follow the steps below. Different meters work differently, so be sure to check with your doctor for advice specifically for you. 1.Wash your hands[Details]

Menopause Cause Beast Lumps and Heavy Periods or Menorrhagia

2017-03-23Menopause Cause Beast Lumps an

Menopause begins Statistical investigations of menopause have provided us with some information concerning the average age of the menopause. Thus a considerable mount of clinical material has been sifted with a view to establishing the commencement,[Details]

Penis Erection and how to get it back

2017-03-23Penis Erection and how to get

The day after full erection is developed and maintained, it is suggested that the husband and wife enjoy this return to erective prowess by experimenting with the erective reaction. A pattern for unit response is suggested that includes manipulative [Details]

Other Benefits of Tongkat Ali

2017-02-16Other Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Other Benefits of Tongkat Ali [ Reproductive Health ]Testosterone plays an important role in reproductive health, cardiovascular health, and cognitive function, maintaining lean body mass, bone density and insulin control. Man with declining male ho[Details]